4 cancer

that are found in Thai women

The 4 most common cancers in Thai women

A report from the National Cancer Institute states that These are the top 5 most common types of cancer, which all women are likely to have. Therefore, knowing about these cancers and knowing how to protect yourself from it can help reduce your risk of developing cancer. The disease is very

1st place - breast cancer

and was the cause of death. There are often warning signs of abnormal symptoms that occur, such as palpation of a lump in the breast area. or under the armpit There is fluid coming out of the breast. Deformed breasts, etc., are considered warning signs of abnormalities that should undergo a detailed breast screening examination immediately.

2nd place - cervical cancer

virus HPV (Human Papillomavirus) Can be transmitted through sexual intercourse through wounds, scratches on the skin. The HPV virus can also be transmitted to babies if the mother is infected during pregnancy. At present, the body's immunity can be strengthened by vaccination….read on. here

3rd place - endometrial cancer

It is another disease that is more common nowadays. Thailand is the third most common cancer in women. The disease rate is often found in people aged 50 years and over or those entering the menopausal state. Caused by abnormalities in hormonal levels with abnormal bleeding in the non-menstrual period lower abdominal pain palpation found a lump in the lower abdomen

No. 4 - Ovarian Cancer

Caused by abnormal cells in the ovary. Abdominal discomfort is often found. flatulence palpation of a lump in the lower abdomen Unusual bleeding, sudden weight gain or loss for no apparent reason. However, in some patients with ovarian cyst disease There is a chance that the lesions will develop into ovarian cancer.

cancer screening It is a search for abnormalities that may be detected. In the early stages, there are usually no obvious signs of lesions. Helps to recognize the problem of abnormalities of the system of work within the body. because of how quickly it can be detected It leads to the process of planning and treating abnormal symptoms immediately and on the spot.
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