After eating, I rarely excrete. Could be colon cancer.

If you defecate after 7 a.m., your intestines will force the feces to go upwards. When defecating, you will not be able to completely empty it, but you won't know. At the end of the intestines there is an anal nerve ending. When there is enough liquid stool to touch the tip of the anus Nerves send signals to the brain to feel pain after 7 a.m. and the intestines will not function normally. Squeeze the stool until it stops until you feel like it's all gone. We stop at the truth. The stool at the end of the train hadn't come out yet, but it had been pushed back up. It doesn't come at the tip of our anus, so we don't feel pain. We thought it was all gone. This remaining feces will stick to the intestinal wall. When new, looser stool comes out, it overtakes him. But it couldn't push out the frozen ones. The ones that froze. It clings tightly.

"Foot residue" is due to

Therefore, every day of shooting It only shoots the rest of the poop that is liquid enough. It keeps clinging. The fecal matter remains on the blood vessels in the stomach and presses on the back bone. It causes many symptoms such as bloating, back pain, leg pain, and muscle pain in the shoulders and shoulder blades. Dizziness, fatigue, insomnia, fogginess, migraines, etc. That's the reason.. Dr. Phonthip wrote that when dissecting a corpse, it would be shocking to find feces remaining in the intestines. To remove the remaining feces, it is necessary to find out which of the 5 reasons above is the cause, but if it can be examined with a pendulum, it will be known.

For those who are not convenient to travel, come for inspection. It is recommended to try the following food recipes.

Leave it for 30 minutes and drink it before bedtime. The basil seeds will drag out the remaining feces. Can you eat normally every day? 3-4 days a week, depending on preference.

Take it before 6 a.m. The first time you should take it 3 days in a row. If you take it before 7 a.m., it's normal. It was reduced to 2 times a week or as deemed appropriate.

Stir-fried or boiled, cook as you like. Morning glory will drag out fecal residue.