U Lab Polyclinic

We are a medical diagnosis center. and health care services to be appropriate for each individual That builds on the success of Ubon Wellness Center (U Wellness Center), a well-known medical diagnosis service provider in the northeastern region of Thailand since 2003. We have brought Those expertise and success come down to service that is reliable, fast and at a reasonable price. with a commitment to quality, ethics, and best practices in its class.

ISO 15189 Laboratory Certification

U Lab polyclinic has received ISO 15189 laboratory accreditation, which certifies the laboratory's ability to test for consumer protection. (Analysis of health products) and the ability of laboratories to test public health autopsies. This emblem is a demonstration of efficiency. Quality control and operating procedures are at international standards. of certified laboratories Gain confidence from customers who come to use our services.


By 2025, the organization will be developed to have medical innovations that meet needs and care. in taking care of customers to obtain maximum satisfaction




Conduct business to a standard By giving importance to the service users to receive the highest satisfaction.



Be a good business partner with business partners Emphasis is placed on developing relationships and sustainable business growth.



Enhance technology capabilities to keep up with the changes of the changing world.


Established as a medical diagnostic center in Ubon Ratchathani Province


A Medical technology service center providing comprehensive service in Ubon Ratchathani Province

U Wellness International

Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory by advanced genetic diagnosis

U LAB Medical Technology Clinic

Providing complete health check-up and laboratory analysis services

U Lab Polyclinic

Providing services from the laboratory to promoting good health

Answers to health care needs

A health examination alone may not be enough. We therefore search for new innovations. To take care of health that is appropriate for each person Ready to serve you with convenience and speed that meets your needs. To give you the drive to live your life without having to worry about your health when we take care of you.

Attentive to every need

We are ready to provide services in hematology, microscopy. Including various special examinations Which is provided by medical technicians with experience and knowledge and expertise along with modern analysis tools. Standard quality We have internal quality control systems (Internal Quality Control) and external quality control (External Quality Control) to ensure that analytical results are correct, accurate, and reliable.

Designed for quality, U Wellness International Laboratory meets international professional standards. To ensure that you receive the best health care services as smoothly, conveniently and as quickly as possible.

  • More than 100 square meters of usable space
  • Positive and negative air space pressure
  • isolation ISO 8 cleanliness classification Properly design of people and material flow
  • Safe and hygienic flow of both materials and equipment in and out of the clean room with pass boxes
  • Equipment sterilization through autoclave
  • Uniform decontamination station sent to wastewater treatment system
  • Emergency exit panel designed for biological security environment