allergies in children Danger is near that should not be overlooked

Have these symptoms ever happened to your baby? Hives, chronic colds, frequent spitting up If parents have ever noticed these symptoms happen to their babies often without any known cause. It may be suspected that the cause of these symptoms is allergies. which has a chance to happen to every child The cause of allergy is caused by heredity. and environment that may cause allergies such as dust mites, pet hair, cockroaches and cigarette smoke. which if you suspect that your child is having allergies Should take him to see a doctor immediately. to receive accurate diagnosis and treatment in a timely manner

What are allergies? Is your child experiencing any of these symptoms?

skin allergy

  • Have a rash or dry skin It is a chronic urticaria rash.
  • Usually caused by food eaten or exposure to various chemicals.
  • Happens more often to babies.

respiratory allergies

  • have asthma, nasal allergies, chronic colds, sinusitis, or frequent coughs
  • Usually occurs with young children and older children.

food allergies

  • have swollen lips Itchy rash around the mouth, nausea, vomiting, frequent spitting up of milk, flatulence, loose stools, and blood in the stool.
  • It usually occurs in infants and young children. 
  • Foods that cause allergies are cow's milk, eggs, soybeans, wheat flour, seafood, peanuts.

genetic allergy able to prevent

Many people may think that allergies caused by heredity are inevitable and cannot be prevented. But in fact, you can protect your baby from allergies by caring for your baby during pregnancy. The mother must eat useful food. Avoid foods that may cause allergies such as seafood, eggs, peanuts, cow's milk, chocolate, dairy products, wheat flour, and after birth in the first 6 months, the baby should be exclusively breastfed, trying to avoid cow's milk for as long as possible. It should also avoid dust and pollution. Especially cigarettes that must be completely abstained to protect children from pollution.

How to treat, can it be cured?

Allergies are a chronic and common concern among young children. Many people think that it is a disease that cannot be avoided or treated. But nowadays, medical technology has developed greatly. It has a better treatment method and can cure allergies. If you suspect that your child has allergies Appointments can be made for examination at