Dengue fever Itchy skin type

For the type of rash found in dengue fever It will look like a red rash similar to measles. This type of rash appears 3–5 days after the initial rash disappears. This type of rash usually starts on the backs of the hands, the backs of the feet, and later spreads to the arms, legs, and torso. But it is not often found on the palms and soles of the feet. Small spots of bleeding may be found. Spread and infiltrate the red rash as well. In addition, a rash with white rings was found inserted among the red areas. Makes it look like a white island in a sea of red. It is believed to be a phenomenon in which the body's immune system is dealing with the infection. However, this type of rash is not only found in dengue fever. But it can also be found in people who are infected with viruses such as the Chikungunya Virus. This type of rash is mostly asymptomatic. But the skin is slightly itchy, approximately 16-27% of the patient. After the rash disappears, the skin becomes normal. Rarely leaves any dark marks or scars. You may experience only slight flaking of the skin. However, in dengue fever, it is not necessary to find both types of rashes.

Skin symptoms in dengue fever

for treatment There is no specific treatment for this skin condition. In most cases, the rash will go away on its own once the body's immune system is able to deal with the virus. If the patient has itching May be treated by taking anti-itch medicine to relieve itching.

Although skin and mucous membrane symptoms in dengue fever are common, they are not unique. This is because similar rashes can be found in other infectious diseases. Therefore, it must rely on other symptoms. Including laboratory tests to confirm the diagnosis.