program Hormone Test

Hormones are chemicals produced by the body that originate in the endocrine glands. Penetrates through the vascular system in the body, responsible for controlling various functions, whether it is a matter of metabolism. appetite, mood, stress, heart rate and reproduction

Types of Hormone Tests

It is an important hormone in males that the body produces from the testes. It is responsible for regulating and shaping the physical characteristics of the male sex. It also supports the functioning of various organs in balance, such as helping to build muscle and bone mass. Including increasing the performance of the brain

It is the main hormone in the Estrogen group that is important for growth. Physical adjustments, ovulation, menstrual cycle If the E2 hormone is abnormal, it will affect the menstrual cycle, infertility, and menopause.

Created in the pituitary gland Acts to stimulate the ovaries in females and testes in males. It is an important sign of family planning. readiness for pregnancy Because when the body releases an egg ready to be fertilized, the hormone LH will increase rapidly. Ovulation occurs within 12-36 hours, the chances of pregnancy are very high.

It is a hormone that stimulates ovarian growth. affect the menstrual cycle If the amount of FSH is low, it may be a sign of PCOS or polyovulation. caused by disorders of the endocrine system It is often found that there are multiple cysts or cysts in the inside of the ovaries causing abnormal functioning of the ovaries.

There are several classes of synthetic hormones that act like Progesterone, the safest being Dydrogesterone. which is closest to nature From a study, using it with estradiol for 5 years did not increase the risk of breast cancer.

It is used to differentiate whether the abnormality is caused by the thyroid gland or the pituitary gland. which hormone level TSH in the blood will rise before the symptoms of the hypothyroidism will be shown, so the level measurement TSH In the blood, it can help diagnose hypothyroidism.

It is a hormone from the thyroid gland. Helps to stimulate the growth and development of the body.

It measures the function of T3 hormone or free T3, which is a hormone that circulates in the blood. And the T4 type hormone that works together to measure whether these 2 hormones are working abnormally or not because T3 and T4 are mainly responsible for converting nutrients into energy for the body 

Preparation before blood draw