Omega Power Formula to strengthen immunity

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Why must you strengthen your immune system?

immune system Helps to protect the body from foreign substances such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, worms, including foreign cells that are growing into cancer. Other people's organs are transplanted into the body. Receiving blood from the wrong type Allergens, etc. Germs can adapt and evolve to hide and destroy the immune system. Vitamin drips are a method of delivering minerals and various vitamins directly into the body. Through a vein (IV Drip), which will allow your body to fully strengthen its immune system. The immune system has developed defense mechanisms to help protect against pathogens.

Benefits of vitamin drip To strengthen immunity?

Vitamin drip to strengthen immunity Who is it suitable for?

People with chronic itchy skin rashes Chronic urticaria

Easy nasal congestion, frequent coughing and sneezing

People who are often sick The body is tired.

People who want to boost their immunity

ingredients of Omega Power

Prevent disease and relieve allergy symptoms and is an antioxidant Helps the body be strong. It also stimulates the blood circulation system to improve.

Prevents kidney stones. Reduce the risk of heart disease Helps the body absorb fat and protein well.

Prevents fat accumulation in the liver and the occurrence of anemia 

Increase concentration, memory and balance, relieve irritability, reduce stress, and increase energy for the body.

Helps prevent complications in diabetic patients such as coronary artery disease, diabetic kidney disease, peripheral neuropathy problems, and eye complications.

Helps protect tissues from being damaged by free radicals that accumulate in various parts of the body. Stimulate the body's immune system And most importantly, it also helps in destroying and eliminating toxins from the body.

Helps eliminate toxins Anti-oxidant Helps prevent liver cirrhosis.

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