acute renal failure

It is caused by the loss of the kidney function over a period of time. As a result, the control of waste balance in the body is damaged. Including abnormal amounts of water and mineral salts in the body Which, if not treated promptly, can be life threatening. is a symptom that occurs inshort term There is a possibility that the kidneys can return to normal.

Causes of acute renal failure

Have low blood pressure, shock, which may be caused by infection. and lost a lot of blood or severely dehydrated from diarrhea Dengue patients in shock or heart attack, etc.

Antibiotics, painkillers (NSAIDS), combination drugs, non-standard herbal medicines These drugs affect kidney function. especially in patients with kidney disease It can lead to acute renal failure.

Caused by disease of the glomerulus (glomerular disease) or by infection. This can occur in the kidney itself or in other areas of the body.

the occurrence of stones in the urinary tract enlarged prostate, etc.

Symptoms of acute renal failure

Taking care of yourself is important. Patients should avoid unnecessary use of drugs and herbs. If medication is necessary, consult a doctor. and should have an annual health check Be sure to observe abnormal symptoms. If there are suspicious symptoms, hurry up to see a doctor. Early treatment can bring back to normal.