PM 2.5 Silent dangers that should not be overlooked

pm 2.5 is dust particles smaller than 2.5 microns that are dangerous and have an impact on health. We can find dust pm 2.5 in the general atmosphere. They can be found both outside and inside buildings. by outside the building Found from agricultural burning. Incomplete combustion of diesel engines in both vehicles and industry. With the size of dust pm 2.5 being very small, research has found that it can pass through doorways. Windows allow entry into the building.

Impact of PM2.5 dust

Breathing in air containing PM2.5 can cause breathing problems such as coughing, mucus, or may be a source of asthma. or chronic bronchitis (COPD) in some cases

May cause conditions that increase the risk of heart disease, such as heart disease (cardiovascular disease) or increase the risk of ischemic heart disease (heart attacks).

PM 2.5 can be a problem for the digestive system. and may cause inflammation in the stomach

PM2.5 can cause the skin to become dry and damaged.

Chronic inflammation in the airways causes abnormal cells.will become various types of cancer in the future, such as lung cancer, etc.

Watch out for warning signs of PM 2.5 dust allergy as follows:

Dealing with PM 2.5 dust