color of urine

Warning signs of a disease that asks for you

Many people may not know that the color of the urine we excrete can also indicate our health. This article therefore collects 10 colors of urine, one of the warning signs of various serious diseases. The mechanism of urinary function. Starting from the kidneys, it produces urine. When urine flows down the bladder, it passes through both ureters. After the urine is fully drained into the bladder The brain then directs the urine to flow down the bladder and produces more contractions. which after the urinary sphincter relaxes There will be pressure on the urethra, causing urine to flow out easily.

Most of the excreted urine consists of water. In addition, the urine contains urea, a substance left by the body that has already been used by the body for protein and salt, as well as waste chemicals such as urobilin. This will cause us to have yellow urine, which is the color of normal people. But human urine is not the only yellow color. But in human urine, there are also colors that indicate that our health is deteriorating. or health is ready to be destroyed at any time

10 colors of urine

  1. mastic Normally, urine is light yellow in color, not cloudy and free of sediment. In which the intensity of the color indicates that if you drink a lot of water. The urine is pale yellow.
  2. dark yellow If your urine comes out dark yellow Shows that that day you drink less water than your body needs as well.
  3. clear color If your urine is clear, like clear water, it means that you drank a lot of water that day. But if you have clear urine all the time, you should be aware of the risk of other diseases such as diabetes, kidney disease, etc.
  4. Milky white If you have milky white urine. clearly shows that During this time, your body is going into a state of dysfunction. May be caused by an infectious disease of the urinary tract. Whether it is cystitis or cystitis Or there may be too much protein in the body as well.
  5. dark orange Dark orange urine may be caused by severe dehydration. or have muscle breakdown as well
  6. orange The main cause of orange urine is from your body, it could be gallbladder or liver problems, and it can also be caused by taking too much medication. such as sulfasalazine and some of these laxatives, etc.
  7. black If the color of urine is black That means your body may have liver disease. skin cancer Or it may be caused by taking drugs such as quinine and metronidazole, these antibiotics as well.
  8. pink red If the color of urine is reddish pink It's your body's alarm. The pink-red color of your urine can indicate that you have kidney disease, kidney disease, or a tumor, kidney cancer, cystitis. or the prostate has an abnormality like this etc.
  9. green The color of your urine should not be green, but if you have green urine It can also be caused by a bacterial infection in the urinary tract.
  10. purple If you have purple urine color The purple color of your urine indicates that you are experiencing purple urinary sacs. This can also be found in patients with urinary catheter insertion and urinary tract infections.

How are you doing with the 10 colors of urine that this article has brought together? apparently The color of urine is one of the best warning signs. that will indicate that you are sick with what disease and should receive treatment in the next step