What is NAD+?

It is a derivative of vitamin B3, a compound that plays an important role in determining the lifespan of cells in the body and in more than 5,000 cell metabolic processes and plays a role in the mechanism of extending cell life. It is also Coenzyme in the process of cell regeneration at the DNA level. Normally, the level of NAD+ in our body naturally decreases by more than 50 percent when NAD+ in our body decreases. Therefore leading to the deterioration of the body and diseases caused by the deterioration of the body. Deterioration of the nervous system, memory, heart disease, obesity

How good is NAD+ drip?

Slow down various cell degeneration.

Reduce the risk of chronic disease as you age.

Stimulate the immune system in the body

Helps in burning fat

Why does NAD+ help in anti-aging?

When NAD+ levels decrease, it accelerates the negative side effects of the aging process. What was discovered was the nature of the Sirtuins gene that plays a huge role in how the body ages. When Sirtuins are turned on, They help protect your DNA and regulate the aging process of your cells. However, sirtuins are required to increase NAD+ levels to start/stop defenses linked to many diseases. age related In other words, sirtuins can “turn on” and “off” certain genes linked to aging like a light switch. With an abundance of NAD+, your cells can live a long, healthy life. Leads to a better quality of life and longer lifespan

NAD+ decrease with age

By age 50, NAD+ will be half the amount of NAD+ at age 20, and only 1-10% will remain by age 80. The loss of NAD+ throughout life can cause a variety of health problems. Diseases that come from the deterioration of the body cause health problems. Deterioration of the nervous system and brain Problems with aging, memory decline, and the risk of causing various diseases.

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